Water Walkers


The airtight, waterproof zip means that participants remain safe and dry throughout the duration of this experience. A novel and completely foreign experience meets all participants as they attempt to walk or run on water.

Balance, coordination and physical fitness are challenged throughout the duration of this experience.

We can work with you through a variety of scenarios to best make your event work for you, from providing our own inflatable pool, to using your own in-ground pool.

Our equipment comes with fully trained staff and meets all OSH & SAFETY regulations.
Whilst we are a business, unlike other companies, our prime focus is safety first.

As such, all our gear comes fully staffed by trained and competent members of staff, versed in all aspects of the equipments operation. We will not compromise safety purely to chase profit.

“Go Vertical Events prides itself in being able to work with you to make your event a success…”


Footprint: 12m diameter flat area
(Inflatable pool supplied by Go Vertical Events)
(larger area required for set-up and pack-down)
Rotation: 70 – 85 p/h
Installation Time: 1.5 hours
Power Source: 1 x 10 amp 240 volt
Durability: Weather proofed
Restrictions: Ages 5 Upwards
Suitable for weights up to 90Kgs