Mobile Climbing Wall


The Mobile Climbing Wall consists of 4 fully automated Climbing Wall routes of varying degrees of difficulty (suitable for weights of between 20 to 100kgs). It can accommodate up to 4 climbers at a time.

The Climbing Wall utilises auto-belay technology, completely fail-safe, meaning the climber can focus on the challenge of climbing up the wall and the fun of abseiling down.

The Climbing routes are completely customisable and have been mapped out by us to allow for an increasing gradient of difficulty and challenges that comes with progression from climb to climb.

“Go Vertical Events prides itself in being able to work with you to make your event a success…”

The Mobile Climbing Wall is Go Vertical Events most versatile unit. Its unique design means that not only is it a climbing wall but it can also support two bungy trampolines simultaneously – click here for the Mobile Climbing Wall and Bungy Combo.


Footprint: 7 x 5 metres (larger area required for set-up and pack-down)
Height: 10 metres overhead clearance
Rotation: 60 – 80 p/h
Installation Time: 45 minutes with 1 Operator
Transport: Fully portable mobile transport – trailerised unit
Weight Restriction: 20kg – 100kg