• 4 in 1 Bungy Trampoline
    4in1 Bungy Trampoline
  • 2 in 1 Bungy Trampoline
    2in1 Bungy Trampoline
  • i in 1 Bungy Trampoline
    1in1 Bungy Trampoline
  • Mobile Climbing Wall
    Mobile Climbing Wall
  • Water Walkers
    Water Walkers
  • Land Zorbs
    Land Zorbs
  • Wax Hands
    Wax Hands
  • Cannon Ball Blaster
    Cannon Ball Blaster
  • Fortress Slide
    Fortress Slide
  • Adrenaline Maze
    Adrenaline Maze
  • Bouncer Maze
    Bouncer Maze
  • Dino Lake
    Dino Lake
  • Pirate Bouncer
    Pirate Bouncer
  • Splash Em
    Splash Em

Welcome to Go Vertical Events

Go Vertical Events is Auckland’s leading specialist event company in interactive experiences.

We pride ourselves in providing the latest in challenging, memorable and adrenaline filled experiences that will leave you coming back time and time again.

As opposed to "passive rides" we offer experiences that require active participation, promote physical and mental activity, and are challenging for participants of all ages and abilities.

Corporate Events

corporate events and team building

Looking for a staff team building activity? See our corporate events for ideas...

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School Events

School Events & fundraising

Go Vertical Events will work with you to find the hire option that best suits your event and school..

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Private Events

Private events

Whether it's a birthday party, family gathering or just a buch of friends getting together, Go Vertical Events prides itself in being able to meet any requirements...

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